Shifting Landscape | Work-Life Balance

Shifting Landscape | Work-Life Balance

The term ‘Work-Life balance’ is not exactly correct as it connotes a sense of opposing factors. In reality, it need not be as in the new reality they are mutually reinforcing and inextricably linked. To relate to this discussion let’s discuss a real work problem. Almost all of you will be juggling multiple objectives during design. The design has to be:

  • * Reliable
  • * Flexible
  • * Modular
  • * Cost-effective

The last one meaning you have a very aggressive schedule as time is money. Obviously your objective is to maximize all stipulated design targets. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to maximize all objectives at once.

The same would apply when one is trying to balance:

  • * Careers
  • * Lives
  • * Friends
  • * Community Efforts

At a time when the interests, backgrounds, and family structures of employees are more varied than ever before. Employees are by default more conscious of their career needs. When someone spends the majority of their days on work-related activities and feel as if they are neglecting other important components of their lives, stress, and unhappiness results. An employee, who doesn’t make time for self-care, eventually damages their output and productivity. If you are unsure means you hinder the ability of the organization to work. Here are a few things that can help – 

  1. Think over time rather than a fixed point of time 
  2. Focus on mutual benefit 
  3. Finally, customize your approach 

For e.g. Maximize meeting time with your boss; be strategic, type of what needs to be achieved at the start of the day, spend a few minutes ahead of a team meeting are a few that could be used.

When you spend a significant amount of your time during the day towards work, it is in effect towards a career goal that is then relative to how one would define success in other aspects of life. Plan your day and maximize efficiency instead of time spent.
  1. Individual preparedness before any meeting. (Internal/External official meetings.)
  2. Practicing or following work ethics as a daily routine during WFH.
  3. Focussed work timings without deviation on other activities. Eg: Entertainment, Unproductive discussions.

Trust and transparency with the organization will enable you to help you view these are very relatable and linked. Judge your commitment or competence by your life needs. Trust that you understand the organization’s goal and customize how work is done to achieve them.

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