Work from Home, Productivity & Flexibility – How Plexcel is achieving during lockdown?


Work from Home, Productivity & Flexibility – How Plexcel is achieving during lockdown?

Work from Home, Productivity & Flexibility – How Plexcel is achieving during lockdown?

Hi guys! We are back with one of the most important topics which have been trending. Yeah, it’s definitely been awhile we’ll attempt to stay more focused & will write blogs very often. We all know about the present crisis “CORONAVIRUS” which you have quite heard about, it’s been spreading quickly for a rough figure of around 13,000 cases & it’s been growing faster day by day. We hardly know who’s been infected & the very first thing we are seeing is people trying to exploit fear.

Due to this crisis, there are been a red warning light-layoffs in the industry at the time of LOCKDOWN & how PLEXCEL is been able to successfully ‘execute’ & ‘deliver’ the services with zero disruption through ‘Work from Home’ along with the hiring of few candidates to the PLEXCEL Family, we will tell you about this in the further discussion.

Following are the ways how our PLEXCEL Team Boost Productivity While Working From Home

The work-from-home trend seems to be quite popular in the corporate world, when it comes to full-time employees it’s all about productivity, flexibility, motivation and finally job satisfaction. Employees need not have to rush to commute to the office & might get a head start with the official work.

When it comes to flexibility & motivation following are some ways how the PLEXCEL team is gearing up by boosting productivity & finishing the tasks on time. We have been able to successfully execute and deliver the projects on time & by being on track each and every day.  

  • *  Login on time
  • *  Prioritizing the task and updating them on collaboration tool like Jira
  • *  Task & Time-tracking technique
  • *  Team Connecting with the Remote employees using Google Chats & Video Conferencing Tool
  • *  All-Hands meeting once in every week
  • *  Sharing of success stories with team members
  • *  Scheduling regular meeting on a day-to-day basis
  • *  Taking informed breaks
  • *  Filling the timesheet on daily basis
  • *  Logout & Leaves


Login On Time

Morning routine while working from office helps you to wake up early on time & commute to the office, when it comes to Work-from-home it’s just a matter of transition from pillow to your computer/laptop. The first disciplinary way before getting head-start with the work is to enter/ mail regarding the Login time which is most important as none of the efforts of the employees should stand out. One should work for 9 hours solid and hammers out as much as possible, so attendance monitoring is most important.


Prioritizing The Task

The one way to work from home productively is to dive into your to-do list and simply getting a project started first thing in the morning can be the key to making progress throughout the day. One of the best ways is to complete the crucial task in the beginning so that you can complete the given task on time. The human mind will be more productive in the early morning, so one can complete the prioritized task first & then can complete the rest of the task throughout the course of the day. One needs to learn task management techniques to get things done on time.

  • Time Management
  • Organizing 
  • To-do-list
  • Work on the tasks assigned in Jira Tickets or whichever tool you are using


Task & Time-Tracking Technique

The tickets raised for each employee in the JIRA is based on day-to-day analysis, by this the company can track the work of an employee on a daily basis & the efforts can be estimated through this task & time tracking technique. Few employees will also get assigned the task from their individual managers through Emails/Hangouts/Skype. These are the best way to overcome this is to establish a particular schedule for tracking productivity or to communicate with each of the employees. Meetings on a daily basis, working with your remote employees to establish mutually agreed time-frames for completion of work or to engage in two-way communication. This will not only motivate them to work, but will also instill a sense of accountability.


Connecting with the Remote employees using Hangouts Meet & Video Conferencing Tool

Instant messaging and video-conferencing tools can make it easy to check in with coworkers and remind you how your work is contributing to the big picture by doing it as often as possible will help build company culture. So Hangouts Meet is one of the important tools for Audio & Video Conference to stay connected No matter how far your remote employee might be.


Scheduling Regular Meeting on Day-to-Day Basis

When it comes to tracking the progress of the task been given & time management it’s most important to schedule meeting every day on a daily basis this builds the stronger work bond among the coworkers, this can be in the form of a casual email, phone call, or even text message; anything to show your employees you’re thinking about them. It’s important to let your schedule change if you need it to, but it’s equally as important to commit to a plan that outlines every assignment before you begin. Trying to solidify a schedule the day before, making it feel more official when you wake up the next day to get started on it.


Take Informed Breaks

Taking a break in between working hours is not a crime. Yes, but at the same time, breaks should not affect the on-going work. There can be some dependency on you and others might be waiting for your response. So, It’s always good to inform and take a break. You can leave a message in your chat window like BRB30 which says you are Off for 30 mins. Eg: as shown below. The other team members will be aware of your break and they can continue on other tasks.

Other methods to get relaxed after continuously working for a long time is to listen to some slow music & then get back to the work. It’s all about time management and keeping yourself active without getting distracted & losing track of time.

Filling the Timesheet on Daily basis

Even though the tasks are been assigned through JIRA tickets, you will be assigned the work outside the JIRA, so it’s most important to update the timesheet for each employee the task been assigned on a day-to-day basis the projects they’ve been working & the multiple tasks been worked on a particular day & their efforts & time spent on each task will be noted.

Entering timesheets not only helps you keep track of daily tasks but also go back and check the assignments you have done previously. There are scenarios where the client ask’s you the task done for some date, the timesheet will help you answer any queries like this. It will also help you analyze the productivity of that month. 


Logout & Leaves

Plexcel believes in smart work. So attendance monitoring is most important for each & every employee. It will even be recorded on a regular basis, it can be filled in a timesheet or can be sent out through the mail to the HR or to the respective managers. So these are some of the rules of an office etiquette

Plan your leaves in advance and inform the HR. This will help managers to plan the tasks and inform the client. These are a few tips to keep the project sailing smoothly. 


Sharing of Success Stories with Team Members

Here goes some great news & proud being a part of PLEXCEL FAMILY.  Credit goes to one and all whose been a part in this! 

“Plexcel has been featured as one of the 10 best UI/UX Startups – 2020 by Siliconindia Startup City Magazine”

Please find below the e-magazine link for your reference.

Listing page-


Sharing such wonderful news with the team motivates them to do extra bit for the company. It show’s how valuable their contributions are in the growth of the company. 


“wake up, lob a coffee down the throat, sit down and get started with your work & with chilled music”

“Stay Focused & Believe in Your Purpose”

Finally keep yourself safe, environment clean & wash your hands regularly.

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